David Elias is a music enthusiast, writing, performing and recording his music in and with the most acoustically correct establishments and methods he can find.

He began his DIY journey as an independent artist a few decades back and greeted the Internet’s browser arrival in the mid-90’s with a desire to reach as many ears as possible.

His interest in the native acoustic nature of performing and recording music led him to the early pioneers of hi-res audio when he began working with Gus Skinas and the SACD Project on an independently produced hybrid 5.1 multichannel SACD called “The Window”, released in 2003.

DSD Downloads were experimented with in 2009 and released online as the first full DSD Disc album download anywhere in the world.

Since 2013 the DSD Download and HRA floodgates have opened and David is continuing to ride those waves as best he can.


(DSD Downloads and much more about DE music)

(can visit the DE Music Store here as well with entire CD catalog and previews)

(video with music and still nature photographs shot, mixed, produced by DE)

(DE CD masters and other HRA 24-bit album downloads)


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