Paying Attention to Detail…Mobile HRA from OPPO

Mobile HRA – The way of listening anywhere

12/16/2015 – the free DSD album download has been extended! If you purchase the OPPO product through my link on this post, you can choose an album download of mine from the catalog here: — Happy Holidays! – DE

Aloha and yes, it’s June. I know I’m not the only one living in a fast forward universe. So be it. But enjoying the ride is always good. I have made time this year for a lot of renewed listening to many old and some new recordings. It has been a joyful journey.

The main way I’ve been getting to the detail of many styles of writing and playing/recording is through my kick ass Mobile HRA setup of an OPPO HA-2 portable DAC and headphone amp, and the the OPPO PM-3 closed planar magnetic headphones.

Here they are with my iPhone…I played music including native DSD and hi-res 24/96 FLAC for the entire 5+ hrs flying back and forth from Hawaii to the Bay Area last month. The HA-2 even recharged my iPhone. Really it did…

I’m also use the OPPO BDP 103 Blu-ray and SACD/DSD/media player. Their products rock and roll and don’t cost the arm and leg imagined.

So as a huge believer and user of this great gear, I am offering anyone a free DSD download album of mine of their choice for each OPPO product they buy online including these gems.

The OPPO PM/3 planar magnetic headphones and HA/2 DAC, amp, recharge

Here’s my OPPO link… (US online)

Use my link to go to OPPO and if you buy their product online, just contact me and let me know the OPPO serial number and what DSD or any album of mine you wish to download.  (The DSD downloads include FLAC 24/88.2 tracks as well.) If you buy 2 products, you get 2 DSD albums.  Just make sure you use the link below.

OPPO plays all recordings beautifully. No matter what you’ve been listening to, your attention to detail will undoubtedly zero in and hunker down with the HA-2/PM-3 setup. I call it the 1-2-3 knock out, with #1 being DSD as the recording source.

The world of Mobile HRA is here and easy to acquire and use. There are great products out there and great recordings to both return to and discover. Hearing it the way it was recorded is a new world of listening for everyone to enjoy, on the go or otherwise.

Here’s what a 40+ year ardent audiophile who didn’t like any headphones at all wrote when he experienced this combo:

“This morning I am playing David’s ‘Crossing’ files on HA-2/PM-3 and must report that it’s among the highest fidelity I’ve experienced. All other repro falls away as being ‘less than’. On ‘Morning Light Western Town’, deep bass definition is beyond that of anything I’ve heard and vocal naturalness, solidity and realism truly awesome. John Havard’s guitar work, transcendental.”

Enjoy your summer – it’s well on the way…Aloha to all,

– DE