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If It Sounds Good…

(From a post I just added to Paul McGowan’s blog at

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When I first began attempts at digitally recording my acoustic music as a CD it was a homemade project inspired by two mentor friends Roger Powell and Gus Skinas. They helped set me up with gear in a spare bedroom. It included an 8-track Tascam DA-88, and a couple very good mics for vocal and guitar and a Sony TCD-10 DAT to mix to. I had a budget Mackie mixer.

At the time I was trying to capture the coffeehouse sound of my style and performances in as honest and accurate a fashion as possible. No effects, just the room.

I remember asking Roger who had recorded as Utopia with Todd Rundgren as well as other big industry names like Meat Loaf and Bowie how to make sure what I was recording at 16/48 and mixing to 16/44.1 was good enough for what would become my first CD release in 1995.

His answer was simple: If it sounds good it is good.

This from a technocrat musician on the cutting edge of gear and synth applied to rock since the early 70′s.

I took his advice to heart and haven’t changed that approach as my experience moved from PCM to DSD in 2000 still working towards the best natural acoustic representation (recording and playback).

I have no idea how measurements would apply to prove or disprove the quality of some of my recordings but I’ve been moved and inspired only by the effects on my own and other people’s ears for 20 years since taking Roger’s advice.